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Our meet the team collection introduces different members of the Infigo team in a slightly different light, to show a side to them that you’ve most likely never seen before. This time is the turn of Colin Sinclair-Smith, who shares a few of his creature comforts, out of hour activities, and some insights into what makes him tick.


Vue.js Developer


Worthing, West Sussex

Length of service

1 Year

Currently listening to

The Strokes

What’s your favorite food?

My favorite food would have to be Sunday roast chicken.

What’s your biggest achievement in the last 2 years?

Being a part of Infigo’s charity fundraiser for Ukraine in May 2022, where we the team collectively ran/walk/cycled the equivalent distance of London to Kiev, and back!

Even though at one point we were close to not making it in time, we all ramped up efforts and ended up smashing it. In my last contribution alone, I cycled just over 45 mile in one go.

I am super proud to be a part of such a great effort from everyone involved.

What do you enjoy most about working for Infigo?

I enjoy working with a fantastic team, everyone is very willing to help and we have such a wide variety of project and technologies to work with makes for interesting work.

What are your hobbies? 

I like to stay fit, running and enjoy playing tennis.

What can’t you live without? 

My morning coffee.

Tell us a bit about yourself, in your own words? 

I’m Colin and I am a Vue.js Developer here at Infigo, my work involves the customer interactive parts of our system the frontend.

My primary work is with our Invent plugin for InDesign, which has so many useful features you can really take control of your customers interaction with the products in our MegaEdit system.

My day-to-day tasks involve adding new features, fixing any issues and occasionally helping our customer support.

I love to learn new things and my goals are to develop my skills learning more about 3D design, backend development and improving and expanding on existing skills.

Additional goals that are not so related to my work, learn the Russian language and get my 5km run time under 20 minutes.

Tell us a fun fact not many people know about you 

Before I become a developer I was a commercial diver, working on the fish farm in Norway.

What is your dream holiday location?

French Polynesia.

Why would you recommend Infigo to potential customers?

I would recommend Infigo because we have the most flex system, capable of creating very custom sites with no fuss.

On top of that the support that you get is first class, going above a beyond to help fix your needs.

On most weekends, we can find you

Spending time with my family, all going out for a run/walk, doing homework together and we have a movie night once a week.

Beach or mountain?

Beach as I love to go surfing/swimming/sailing when I have the chance.


We hope you enjoyed our meet the team feature. Stay tuned for future additions, when we will be shining the spotlight on another member of the Infigo team.

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