Buyers guide: Questions to ask

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The right web-to-print platform can quickly generate a healthy return on investment and provide significant growth opportunities for your print business. The wrong platform can lose you clients and spark some awkward conversations with your finance director. But by asking potential providers the right questions, you can ensure your web-to-print project is set for success from the outset.

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Prepared by Infigo’s web-to-print industry experts, we explain the critical functionality and flexibility that a good web-to-print provider should offer, in addition to the questions you need to ask when investigating a new platform.


In this guide, we reveal: 

The ‘must-have’ features to check when choosing a web-to-print platform, including those you might not immediately think of

The importance of having flexible storefronts and branding, to cater to ANY design requests from clients

Why integrations are critical aspect of web-to-print and what can happen if you get it wrong

The level of support you should expect from your technology partner to maximise scaling and diversification opportunity

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