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Web Connect+ to host webinar on the benefits of a complete connectivity turnkey solution

Online print community Web Connect+ is giving printers the opportunity to quiz its experts on the benefits of print automation, during its inaugural webinar.

During the webinar, to be held on 21st June, experts from some of the most innovative print software providers, including our very own Douglas Gibson and Antonia Fagan, will demonstrate how end-to-end print automation can be achieved with a complete connectivity turnkey solution.

The webinar is the first in a series to be held by the newly formed Web Connect+ community. Formed by Infigo, Significans Automation and Tilia Labs, the Web Connect+ webinars will give printers insight into how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are increasingly transforming the industry.

In this first session, experts from the three companies will demonstrate live how different systems, from different print software providers, can be tied together, as a turnkey solution, to create a truly automated web-to-print workflow.

Sagen de Jonge, Co-Founder, CEO at Tilia Labs Inc, said: “There’s never been greater pressure on printers to reduce costs, streamline processes, increase the bottom line, and reduce their carbon footprint. On top of that customers now demand the smooth e-commerce experience, where they can design, edit and order print and digital assets as easily as they can shop with Amazon.

“In this first session we’re excited to demonstrate how a turnkey solution can significantly reduce overheads and increase productivity, sustainability and profitability.”

Marc Raad, President of Significans Automation, said: “With advances in artificial intelligence (AI) accelerating at pace, it’s difficult to know where and how to start if you want to completely digitise and automate your print processes.

“Our first session on creating a complete connectivity turnkey solution will be the perfect demonstration of what is possible when you integrate the most innovative software into your workflow.”

Douglas Gibson, CEO, of Infigo said: “I can’t really put it any better than Marc and Sagen have. I really think we are at a tipping point in society with e-commerce, AI and web-to-print.

“We hear these terms bandied around but unless you can see exactly what can be achieved, and how, when you integrate several systems together it’s just noise. We can’t wait to demonstrate how the different stages of the production workflow can be automated. But more importantly we’re looking forward to answering any questions printers have about what can be achieved through collaboration and integration.”

Make sure you don’t miss out on this first session, and see how you can streamline your processes for an improved client experience by customizing your workflow and integrating your systems.



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